Paper Whispers

Creative games are the best kind. We played one called Paper Whispers. Here’s how you do it!

  1. Get a sheet of paper (A4 size is best) and a group of people and give everyone something they can write with.
  2. Everyone should sit in a circle, make sure you have somewhere to lean on so you can draw/write on the paper.
  3. One person in the group writes a sentence, word, idea, or concept on the top of the page (the more obscure the better!)
  4. They give the sheet of paper to the person next to them.
  5. This person must draw a representation of what they’ve read.
  6. After they’ve drawn their picture (and this is important which is why it is in bold) they must fold down the first piece of writing so only their picture can be seen by the next person. 
  7. The next person then writes what they think the picture is, underneath the picture, folding the image down (so now there are two pieces of information folded away from the viewer) so that the person next to them draws only what they read in that line (the line the third person has written).

It’s like ‘Pass the Whisper’ but more creative and the results are always hilarious. Check ours out!

capow paper whispers-page-001


Sensory Imagery and Short Tales

We decided to sit under a giant fig tree and let nature inspire us. This is some of what was created.

Nothing seems to annoy him. Everything he does, he does with absolute care. He enjoys meeting people like him. he has many friends and a gentle heart.

Firehead and Liam

I was just a little sapling when I was planted. I have a love of great memories, I’ll tell you a few. From the moment I was planted I was surrounded by peculiar two legged creatures that were able to speak and move. Sometimes I envy them, yet most of the time I am filled with sorrow for their idiocies. Twice a day these strange creatures gather around me. Their chatter is morphed into a single incoherent garble.

Alex the Awesome, Martin! and Axcarrot

As small and cracked as this stone, his smile didn’t quite catch his eyes. He walked away and as smooth as this gesture was it was no wonder he wished to be in a different place.

Adri, Seray, Vanessa, Candice

My heart pounded and I was afraid he would hear it because it felt like a drum to me. Oh God now I’m sweating, ew it’s salty. I looked over at him, is he sweating too?

Jo, Maxwell, Jewels

The only world I had ever known was the inside of a crib, fragile and soft, like a weathered leaf. When I grew up my skin felt nice and smooth and now I am an old man. My bones are really fragile and my skin is creased and has seen its day. So many years but the same old weathered leaf.

Martin!, Alex the Awesome, Axcarrot

Loneliness is my constant companion. That and my bionic leg. If I had grandkids I would hope they’d call me cyborg. It’s thoughts like these that keep me from the hole that keeps getting deeper – Love.

Jo, Maxwell, Jewels

Week One

This week we introduced ourselves to each other and started to think about the idea “what is an artist”? Some responses were:

“Someone who creates a work that inspires others”

“Someone who expresses themselves however they choose and no matter what people may think of their form of expression, the artist continues to create themselves through their art”

“Someone who has a creative passion”

We also considered the different qualities an artist might have. Our responses included:


The ability to see things that other people can’t see

Ability to create the absurd

To have a floating mind